The Esker Family {Myrtle Beach family portraits, Myrtle Beach State Park}

Oh this family. I've had the honor and pleasure to watch these boys grow from wild child little boys dancing in the rain during their very first session with me many years ago...through the addition of their sweet sister, moving into a new house and now watching them grow into incredible young men. I have never seen a love between siblings like I see every single time I'm in their presence.  What a gift they are to each other.

Zane (that would be Mr. Blonde hair blue eyes) is absolutely hysterical and his heart is as big as the moon. That long hair you see was his idea because he wanted to be able to donate to Locks of Love. Yea, he is a ROCK STAR!

Logan, {Mr. Maturity with the eyes like the sea} is just perfect in my eyes. I've seen him care for his sweet mom, his sister and Zane like we all hope and pray I children will care for others. And brilliant. He is so smart!

Finally Miss Elise. Oh my goodness! She is her beautiful mom made over. Watching her dance around Myrtle Beach State Park in the sunlight is like watching a tiny fairy come to life.

I am so grateful for a job I love that allows me to get to know and work with such fantastic kiddos!

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